2015 ToyMaker

The hot and dry conditions of the 2015 growing season, coinciding with the fourth of what would become a six-year-long drought in California, resulted in an uncharacteristically low crop yield of exceptionally high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon fruit. Early season above-average temperatures gave way to a consistently warm and long summer, leading to an earlier-than-usual ripening of the grapes. This, along with very little rain throughout, allowed the grape skins to mature and thicken, resulting in wines of great depth, concentration, and matured supple skin tannins and moderate acidity, ideal for aging.

The 2015 ToyMaker Cabernet Sauvignon is made from 100% Diamond Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon by winemaker Martha McClellan. it has been barrel-fermented and aged for 28 months on all new French oak, with an additional 24 months of bottle aging. This wine is exquisitely balanced, providing a lush burst of ripe red fruit on the front palate, velvety tannins that unfold across the midpalate revealing exceptional structure and depth, and a dense and lasting finish.

Peak drinkability: Now through 2030.

2015 Tin Soldier

The 2015 Tin Soldier Cabernet Sauvignon is made from 100% declassified Diamond Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon by winemaker Martha McClellan. It has been barrel-fermented and aged for 28 months on all new French oak, with an additional 24 months of bottle aging

Peak drinkability: Now through 2025.

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2014 ToyMaker

For the third year in a row, the superb growing season of 2014 ushered in a vintage that surpassed expectations. Late February rains, on the heels of one of the driest winters on record, gave way to a surprisingly early bud break and an advantageously long period for the grapes to mature and ripen. Spring’s brisk bloom was followed quickly by moderate summer temperatures ranging on average between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit—optimal conditions for producing wines of great depth, concentration and rich, ripe tannins. Conditions remained consistent and favorable throughout the summer and up to versaion, leading to a stunningly bountiful harvest of flawless and fully matured fruit.

The 2014 TOYMAKER is the culminating taste of this unique and extraordinary vintage. Like the long growing season itself, luscious, ripe, red fruit notes draw a seamless thread of distinguished flavor and texture across the palate, leaving a long, powerfully dense and opulent finish indicative of beautifully matured supple skin tannins

2014 Tin Soldier

The 2014 TIN SOLDIER is the perfect delegate of the generously elongated growing season of 2014. Defined by its balance of fruit-forward concentration and meticulous structure, this wine is an obvious beneficiary of 2014’s early bud break, moderate summer temperatures and timely veraison. The experience commences with a delightful burst of freshness, seamlessly followed by an opulent mid-palate fullness layered with blackberry, white truffle and fig preserves, culminating in a long, lingering finish.

2014 Toymaker Magnum


One bottle of 2014 ToyMaker Cabernet Sauvignon (1500ml) with walnut gift box. Limited to one bottle per member while supplies last. Bottle numbers are assigned randomly.

2013 ToyMaker

A warm, dry spring in 2013 led to an earlier than usual bud break. On through bloom and into mid-summer, temperatures were slightly erratic, ranging from uncharacteristically warm to sometimes quite cold. Shortly before veraison, these fluctuations calmed, providing an ideal uniformity of daytime temperatures and just about as close to a perfect weather pattern as one can get. Lasting through color, flavor development and on into a stunning harvest, it is to these conditions that we attribute the densely concentrated flavors, fully mature seeds, and supple skin tannins that have made the 2013 vintage receive such high accolades.

Dark ruby red in the glass and with aromas of dark berry confection, dried dates, musky spice, and pure cacao, the 2013 ToyMaker is a blend of true pleasures. The mouth is one of an ever-evolving intensity that continues to divulge layer upon layer of rich flavors of dark chocolate, slow roasted almonds, fruit compote, and savory blackberry jam. The wine finishes ever so seductively with its mineral purity, velvety seamlessness, and a seemingly unending presentation of an exotic and densely fruit driven structure.

2013 Tin Soldier

The 2013 Tin Soldier is a show of true pleasure in the glass and a delightful outcome of the spectacular 2013 vintage growing season. With exotic aromas of dark floral, white truffle and blueberry preserves, this wine is a beauty and destined to be a source of much enjoyment. On the palate, one finds dried cherries, hints of dark chocolate, blackberry, anise and winter spice. The finish is one of intense concentration, an ever-lasting presence that is filled with sweet tannins, succulent fruit, and beautiful balance.

2012 ToyMaker

The 2012 growing season offered dry weather conditions and moderate temperatures. The few spells of high heat that were interspersed throughout allowed for an optimal ripening of the fruit and full maturation of the tannins. Harvest came at a leisurely pace, letting us pick at the most ideal circumstances possible. The resulting wines are succulent, bursting with ripe flavors, and seamless in their balance and purity.

On the nose, the 2012 ToyMaker has hints of warm cherry tart, ripe fig, baking spice, and fresh lavender. The palette is rich with sweet tannins, luscious red and black fruits, cream de cassis, and candied almonds. The moderate alcohol levels and slightly higher acidity lend a delightfully charming character of bright finesse, mouth-watering fruit, and a finish of on-going layers and length.

2012 Tin Soldier

Once the individual barrels have been tasted, selected and designated to make up the ToyMaker blend, there are still small quantities of these same lots that have yet to find a home. For this reason, we again taste, evaluate and carefully create a blend that will best showcase the distinct characteristics of the vineyard site and offer a wine of a most pleasurable experience, whether enjoyed immediately or after a gentle time of gentle cellaring. With this, we are pleased to present the Tin Soldier.

The 2012 Tin Soldier boasts the distinct characteristics of the 2012 vintage and the unique location of this special hillside vineyard, as well. It offers aromas of ripened red summer fruits, marzipan and musky scents of tropical flowers. The silky texture of the palette wraps around an underlying power that is layered in a luscious fleshiness of warm cherry pie and berry preserves and ending in a creamy, lingering finish.